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David Leuliette
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It’s easy to be smart with your job hunt, put it on autopilot. Job Hunt Automation is a comprehensive and actionable guide that helps you to hack the job hunt and get 1000+ contacts on LinkedIn in 1 week.
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How to hack your career 10X faster

A little under a year ago, I arrived in London with zero network. I started from scratch.

Now, I have dozens of job offers every week.

On top of that, I built a system for curation and automation.

Why did I create this?

During my studies, I never received career advice on "how to succeed in your job interview".

I hated the HR process because I am an introverted person.
— you are a nonchalant person...
— your profile is interesting but bla bla bla...
— this is an automated email because we don't read our own job applications


And then...

one day...

I decided to troll recruiters.

I created a script for Growth Hack LinkedIn, answered all job interviews possible to train myself, and ask as many questions as possible.

The result is 16k contacts on Linkedin and an automated funnel of infinite job offers.

Now I have a system and I am happy to share it with you.

I am on a mission to empower our generation to be their own career advisor.

— David Leuliette • Senior front-end engineer

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Job Hunt Automation

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